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Offering Financial Help With Medical Bills

We know how difficult it can be when a life-threatening disease or life-changing disability affects our loved ones, and we know that there are thousands of families in Illinois struggling to overcome such monumental challenges. Our efforts continue to support families in the Illinois area that are struggling with the challenge of a cancer diagnosis […]

What our clients are saying..

  • “Wonderful and helpful people! I have not had a bad experience at all with this agent. I plan on staying with them for many years!”

    Angela Gin

  • “Always have a good experience e dealing with this agency. Always friendly people and save me money. Thank you guys”

    Jeremy W.

  • “Angel GOR me an amazing bundled deal on my car and home insurance. Very friendly and very thorough. I told my girlfriend the rates I got and the next day Angel got HER an amazing rate on her home and car insurance. We have MUCH better coverage than we had before and we're paying a lot less money. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this insurance agency.”

    John Y.

  • “I've been with Laura Feld and they have been a pleasure to work with. They take care of anything I have ever needed and done so promptly. They are very knowledgeable about their business.”

    Melissa Grelak

  • “Very pleased. Seems like any time we have called with a concern; the staff are eager to help! Keep up the good work!”

    Norman H.

  • “Laure Feld has been superb at providing our family with both Auto and Homeowner's insurance for several years. She has always worked hard to make sure we had exactly what we need at the most affordable rates. When we had an auto claim, I was honestly amazed at how quickly, fairly and easily the whole thing was handled. We have never had an insurance agent that was really 'there' for us, but Laure Feld is it!”

    Wendy Marquis

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