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Auto Insurance

Quality Auto Insurance
For most states, some form of auto insurance is a legal mandate and, generally, full coverage is required by auto loan providers. The minimum coverage requirement varies from state to state as well by bank and credit union policies. For some drivers, multiple requirements may be in place that are necessary to be met. Also, many drivers can benefit from obtaining additional coverage that is optional though quite valuable for individual circumstances.

In the vast majority of cases, drivers are required by each state’s law to have at least some liability coverage on their auto insurance policies. There are some states that require additional coverage amounts and it is incumbent upon you to know what these requirements are. (Our office can help you in determining what is best for your situation.) Liability is the kind of coverage that covers expenses for damages to another motorist or property owner, (assuming you are the cause of an accident). Keep in mind that liability auto insurance does not provide coverage for your own vehicle repairs or your medical expenses that are a result of the accident.

With both collision and comprehensive insurance coverage, you have the ability to pay for your own expenses that are related to an accident. For example, with collision coverage you are able to pay for car repairs resulting from a fender bender regardless of fault. Collision coverage is often (99 out of 100 times) required by banks and credit unions if you have a loan, while liability coverage is normally mandated by the state governments. Comprehensive insurance, as the name implies, is usually generally quite inclusive, often covering expenses related to an accident, weather events, theft, vandalism and more.
There are a myriad of options available with many auto policies. As an example, you can ask for coverage for towing, for a rental car (if your vehicle is being repaired at the shop), personal property damage or theft and personal injury coverage, to name a few. As each option provides unique benefits to the insured driver, it is suggested that you learn more about the benefits and expenses associated with each when purchasing a new policy or when renewing existing coverage.

No matter if your care is involved in an accident or not, damaged in a storm or somehow affected in another manner, you can always be at risk for costly expenditures. Coverage is tailor-made to enable you to pay for these costs, unexpected or otherwise. And remember that some coverage is required by law. Explore the options for auto insurance with us today!