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Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance

Death is as natural as life and though it is demonstrably difficult to ever know when death will come to us, it is a subject worth investigating when it comes to those who are left behind. It is the surviving members of a family who are the ones saddled with funeral expenses and any remaining medical bills after a loved one passes. Should the loved be the breadwinner, then quite often the family may have a hard time financially as result of the missing income that the deceased family member no longer provides. The financial repercussions of death can affect a family for years to come, but with universal life insurance coverage, the burden can be significantly decreased or even eliminated after the passing of a loved one. Furthermore, it can assist the insured with future financial planning.

Universal life insurance is a stand-alone kind of coverage because not only does it provide the services of normal life insurance, but it also can be utilized as an investment vehicle. With a universal life policy, you make regular and consistent premium payments and then you will enjoy the peace of mind of a guaranteed payout to your beneficiaries after your death. Some beneficiaries will choose to use the funds to pay off a mortgage or, for example, credit card debts. Others might wish to invest the cash and then put to use the resulting interest income to make up for lost income. The preceding are just a few of the ways that these benefits can be put to use to enhance the quality of life for surviving loved ones. Usually this kind of policy will not have a term length attached to it, and the death benefits will stay in place for the duration that the policy is active.

Universal life insurance gives you more than just the aforementioned death benefits. As you pay premiums, the policy’s cash value will accumulate. Typically, the cash value also grows as interest is earned. This cash value can at some point be borrowed upon or completely taken out from the policy and used for things, like a down payment on a house, for one’s retirement income or a myriad of other uses.

When you obtain a universal policy, remember that both the level of death benefits and the cash value increases with each premium payment. This aspect of the kind of insurance allows for the insured to enjoy more flexibility with benefit usage and the control of the expense of the policy.